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The Summer Training Academy in Robotics and (Cyber)Security (CyberSTARS) is a program designed to provide academically focused students with an opportunity to explore their interests in the world of robot and sensors programming and cybersecurity. Our primary focus is on students from urban settings and underrepresented groups preparing to enter 11th or 12th grades. The program also focuses on high school graduates who plan to enroll, as Freshmen in the Computer Science, Mathematics or  Electrical and Computer Engineering Departments of Morgan State University.

This 5-week commuter academic summer program incorporates conceptual mathematics courses; robot and sensors programming; and computer, network and internet security as well as information assurance sessions with a wide array of hands-on projects and exercises. Students will also get an opportunity to interact with various professionals from these fields and visit a number of sites connected to these rapidly growing computer science, information technology and engineering areas. Students will learn about what it takes to stay competitive in these industries, academic programs available and scholarship opportunities to funds their college endeavors. This array of activities will allow students to develop their technical and interpersonal skills while being introduced to the college environment and adequately begin planning for their academic future.

Morgan State University (MSU) is a historically black institution with the unique designation as Maryland's public urban university and as such, serves an ethnically and culturally diverse student body. The CyberSTARS program at MSU aims to foster underrepresented students’ interest and advancing their knowledge in computing and technology fields while providing them with the requisite mathematics skills and career counseling to make a seamless transition to the college environment and persist in these specialized disciplines. In addition, the CyberSTARS program supports the fulfillment of the School of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences’ mission to increase awareness, enrollment and retention in STEM and related disciplines.


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