Master of Science (M.S.) in Science (Physics)

The Physics and Engineering Physics Department at Morgan State University offers the Master of Science degree in Science-Physics for students interested in pursuing professional careers and advanced graduate work in physics and its allied fields. The objective of this program is to produce well-grounded graduates with in-depth knowledge of advanced concepts and techniques in physics. M.S. students are expected to complete a series of core and elective courses and prepare a thesis based on novel research results. For more information about the admission and course requirements, please check the graduate catalog at this link.

Why should you get a M.S. degree in Physics at Morgan State University?

We have a track record in placing our M.S. graduates in high paying jobs in various entities or PhD degree programs at prominent institutions. You will be able to enhance your skills and become better prepared for the job market.

Research opportunities in

- Nanoscience
- Magnetism
- Thermoelectrics
- Two dimensional materials
- Biophysics
- Computational physics

How to pay for the degree?

Our faculty members may have funding to support you by paying monthly salary/stipend for conducting your thesis research in their laboratories. Please, click here to view the list of faculty members and their contact information. Internships, scholarships and fellowships are also available.

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For further questions, contact:

Dr. Birol Ozturk, Assistant Professor and Graduate Coordinator
Phone: +1 443 885 5041