Angela Winstead

Interim Chair and Professor
Office Location: 
Spencer Hall, Room 318B

Postdoctoral Fellow, Organic Chemistry, Ohio State University

Ph.D. Chemistry, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

B.S. Chemistry, Spelman College, Atlanta, Georgia


Postdoctoral Fellow, Organic Chemistry, Ohio State University

Ph.D. Chemistry, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

B.S. Chemistry, Spelman College, Atlanta, Georgia

Angela Winstead, Interim Chairperson and Professor, Morgan State University (MD)

     Dr. Winstead is a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) educator and researcher who uses her education and professional experience to encourage the development of student growth and to inspire and empower young, African-American scholars to reach their highest potential. Upon her arrival at Morgan State University (MD), she quickly realized that an effective professor has to serve as an educator, role model, and a mentor to their students. Her philosophy is that a mentoring professor is most effective when teaching, research, and advising are intertwined together. This way, it will have a greater impact on the overall development of the student. It is through this philosophy that Dr. Winstead is diligently continuing her mission of being an effective academic professor.

     Dr. Winstead's passion for mentoring started when she was a graduate student at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; where she served as a Graduate Assistant in the Minority Advisory Program. As a postdoctoral researcher, she served as a Project Seed Advisor for the American Chemical Society (ACS); where she had the opportunity to mentor a young high school student over the span of two summers. Because of her mentoring and advising, the student went on to college and eventually went on to gain a Ph.D. in Chemistry. As a mentor, not only did she provide meaningful research experience, but she also shared life experiences, wisdom, and technical expertise while being a good listener, observer, and problem solver for her mentee.

     Over the past 13 years, Dr. Winstead has grown throughout her professional career at Morgan State University (MD). She started as an Assistant Professor and recently attained Professor rank in the Department of Chemistry. She is currently serving as Interim Chairperson of the department. She has made it her responsibility to help motivate students to strive professionally and academically. As an integral a part of the Chemistry Department, her critical thinking components have been formally incorporated into: Advance Organic Chemistry, Senior Seminar, and General Chemistry Laboratory classes. She has directly supervised over 120 undergraduate research presentations, 34 undergraduate research presentation awards and 14 publications with undergraduate coauthors. She has received funding from NIH, NSF, DOD, and other private funding which totaled to over $2.4 million. She is committed to increasing the number of minorities in science and more importantly, producing well-prepared, well-qualified scientists.


A)Microwave Synthesis of Near-IR heptamethine Cyanine Dyes and pathogen detection.

Applications include:

1) Characterization of the fluorescence lifetime and intensity changes of cyanine derivatives in various microenvironments,

2) Investigation of the microenvironmental changes and their ability to characterize the onset of cellular toxic events,

3) Development of pathogen biosensors.

B) STEM Education

Competitive Grants and Awards

1. Department of Defense: "Development of a More Selective and Sensitive Method for Detecting Pathogens" - May 2011- 2015 $520,497

2. NIH - RISE - "MBRS RISE Option II Program at Morgan State University" - March 2013 - $1,858,372

3. HBCUs as Leaders and Teachers in Education Award - "STEM Education Center for Excellence and Undergraduate Research Development Program" -May 2014- October 2016 - $25,000

4. Thurgood Marshall CUSTEMS: "The Study of the Undergraduate Research Development Program at Morgan State University" - July 2013 - $10,000

5. Henry McBay Outstanding Teaching Award - May 2011

6. National Science Foundation - RISE - "Development of Biological and Chemical Sensors for Bioenvironmental Research" August 2006-2010 - $1,000,000

7. Summer Research Grant Proposal - "The Microwave Synthesis of Novel Near-IR Heptamethine cyanine dyes. - Morgan State University - 2005 - $5455.00

8. Travel Funds - Morgan State University - 2005 - $2000.00

9. Over 100 research Supervised Undergraduate Research Presentations

10. Over 30 Supervised Undergraduate Research Presentation Awards

Selected Publications

 1. Medley, J., payne, P., Banerjee, H., Giri, D., Winstead, A., Wachira, J., Krause, J., Shaw, R., Praminik, S., Mandal, S. "DNA-Binding and Cytotoxic Efficacy Studies of Organorhenium Pentylcarbonate Compounds" Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, 2015, 398(1-2), 21-31.

2. Grow, M., Winstead, A., Matthews, R. "Microwave synthesis of Sulfonated Cyanine Dyes for Use as Biosensors" 48th Annual Microwave Symposium Proceedings, 2014, ISBN: 978-0-956274748, New Orleans, LA. 58-61.

3. C. Parson, V. Smith, C. Krauss, H. N. Banerjee, C. Reilly, J. A. Krause, J. M. Wachira, D. Giri, A. Winstead, S. K. Mandal, Brit. J. "Anticancer Properties of Novel Rhenium Pentylcarbanato Compounds against MDA-MB-468(HTB-132) Triple Node Negative Human Breast Cancer Cell Lines" Pharmaceut. Res. 2014, 4(3), 362-267.

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