Seminar Series

Tuesdays Lunch Time Physics Seminar Fall 2014
WHEN: 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
WHERE: (Dixon Research Center, Travelers Auditorium, Room 200)

PRESENTER                                   DATE                  TOPIC

 1- Jaime Arribas Starkey-El     09/30/2014     Internship research at CALTECH Summer 2014

2- Vallery Salomon                       10/07/2014      Internship research at Drexel Summer 2014

3- UMCP GRADMAP                    10/14/2014       Winter 2015 WORKSHOP (11 AM: Dixon Room 125)

4- Dr. Yucheng Lan                      10/21/2014      Thermal History Sensing at Nanoscale and Special Guest:

Dr. Mark Boland

Principal Scientist, Accelerator Physics, Australian Synchrotron

Deputy Director, ACAS; Principal Fellow, The University of Melbourne; Chair, AIP Vic

Mailing address: 800 Blackburn Rd, Clayton, Victoria 3168, Australia


Fulbright Professional Scholar 2014, SLAC, Stanford University

5- Mikel Tucker                             10/28/2014       Internship research Summer 2011

and Alexander Newman                10/28/2014       Internship research at NASA 2014

6. Dr. Yucheng Lan                  11/04/2014      Thermal History Sensing at Nanoscale

7- Dr. Birol Ozturk                        11/11/2014       Atomically thin boron-nitrogen-carbon-oxygen (2D-BNCO) sheets: a 2D quaternary alloy

8- Dr. Suman Neupane                  11/18/2014        A Study of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Coated with Iron Oxide (Fe2O3) Nanoparticles for Enhanced Magnetic Properties

9- Jaime Arribas Starkey-El         11/25/2014 Physics Career Workshop

10. Kevin  Mauge-Lewis                12/09/2014        The Utilization of Iron Nano-Columns for the Crystallization of Hen Egg-White Lysozyme

11- Aryan Vahedi                           12/16/2014         Visualization and Characterization of p-CNT-Protein Complexes and Role of EDC-functionalized-CNTs as an Enzyme Scaffold for Cellulase


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