Postdoctoral Associates

Suman Neupane, Ph.D.

Research Interests:
1. Nanoparticles incorporated carbon nanotubes or graphene for enhanced magnetic properties.
2. Filled carbon nanotubes.
3. Topological insulators.
4. Carbon nanotube based materials for Li-ion battery.
Selected Publications:
1. S. Neupane, H. Hong, L. Giri, S. P. Karna, D. Seifu “Enhanced magnetic properties of graphene coated with Fe2O3 nanoparticles” (Under review).
2. S. Neupane, S. Khatiwada C. Jaye, D. A. Fischer, H. Younes, H. Hong, S. P. Karna, S. G. Hirsch, and D. Seifu D.Seifu “Single-walled carbon nanotubes coated with Fe2O3 nanoparticles for enhanced magnetic properties” ECS Journal of Solid State Sciences Technology, 3 (2014) M39-M44.
3. Q. Su, G. Du, J. Zhang, Y. Zhong, B. Xu, Y. Yang, S. Neupane, W. Z. Li. “In situ transmission electron microscopy observation of the electrochemical sodiation of individual Co9S8 filled carbon nanotubes”, ACS Nano, 8 (2014), 3620-3627.
4. S. Neupane, M. Lastres, M. Chiarella, W. Z. Li, Q. Su, G. H. Du, “Synthesis and field emission properties of vertically aligned carbon nanotube arrays on copper”, Carbon 50 (2012) 2641-2650.
Conference Presentations:
1. S. Neupane, D. Seifu “A study of single-walled carbon nanotubes coated with iron oxide (Fe2O3) nanoparticles for enhanced magnetic properties” AVS 61st International Symposium & Exhibition, Nov 9-14, 2014 Baltimore, MD, USA.
2. S. Neupane, W. Z. Li, “Synthesis and field emission properties of periodic arrays of vertically aligned carbon nanotubes on copper”, American Physical Society-APS March Meeting, Feb 27- Mar 2, 2012, Boston-MA.

Graduate Students

Mr. Alexander Newman

Current Position: Graduate Student (M.Sc. in Physics)

Research Description: Magneto-optics Kerr Effect and ferromagnetic resonance study of MgO/ Fe / MgO / Fe /MgO(100) magnetic tunnel junction structure, Tri-layered thin films of Fe/MgO/Fe were synthesized using magnetron DC/ RF sputtering on MgO(100). The multi-layered sample thus produced was studied using in-house built magneto-optic Kerr effect (MOKE) instrument, Vibrating Sample Magnetometer (VSM), Torque Magnetometer (TMM) and Magneto Resistance (MR). This system Fe/MgO/Fe on MgO is a well-known Tunnel magneto-resistance (TMR) structure often used in magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) devices. TMR effect is the method by which MTJs are used in developing magneto-resistive random access memory (MRAM), magnetic sensors, and novel logic devices. The main purpose behind this research was to measure the magnetic anisotropy of Fe/ MgO/ Fe structure which is correlated to magneto-resistance property. This study of the correlation between magnetic anisotropy and magneto resistance helps to understand the variation of direction of magneto resistance in multi-layered nano-metric thin film structures such as, Fe/ MgO/ Fe. 

Conferences: American Physical Society and Morgan State University Fair

Undergraduate Students

Jaime Arribas Starkey-El

Undergraduate Research Student (Rising Senior), Physics + Engineering Physics Double Major

MSU- Assisted in the development of novel magnetic metal oxide thin films for magnetic device applications. Operated magnetron sputtering machine, VSM, and PLD systems. Acquired SEM and PPMS training.

MSU/ARL- Used vibrating sample magnetometer and 4-probe resistance setup to perform measurements on various materials in order to identify possible topological insulators.

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center - worked with the Next Generation X-Ray Optics technology development project to design and create a bonding test to measure the static force behavior of epoxy bonds in satellite modules in order to determine optics distortion. As a result of his diligent work, Jaime had his internship extended and was selected as a NASA student ambassador.

Extreme Science Internship (ESI) - During the summer of 2014, Jaime interned for eight weeks at the California Institute of Technology to study the mechanics of peeling adhesive films from heterogeneous substrates.

Extracurricular Activities:
President of the Society of Physics Students (SPS)
National University Innovation Fellow - Working to bring a physical space (makerspace) dedicated to sharing ideas, creation, and collaboration to Morgan State, inviting students to participate in the creative economy and to direct their own future. This center will serve as a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, where students from diverse academic backgrounds can come to improve entrepreneurial skills and develop their ideas into tangible products.

Recent Conferences:

Reinventing the Physicist: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education for the 21st Century (APS)

APLU Student Success Summit 2014
2014 NCIIA Open conference
2014 MACH Conference in Annapolis, MD
Thurgood Marshall Leadership Institute 2013
MSU Hackathon(x3)