College-wide Requirements: In addition to meeting the requirements in the General Education Program and in the major, students must also complete six (6) credits in Complementary Studies required of all majors in the School of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences. Please speak to your Advisor about these options. Also, in order to qualify for gradation, students must pass the Senior Departmental comprehensive Examination; must have taken all of their junior - and senior-level requirements in the major at Morgan (unless granted prior written permission by the Dean to take courses elsewhere); and must have earned a cumulative average of 2.0 or better and a major average of 2.0 or better, with no outstanding grades below "C" in the major (which includes all courses required for the major and required supporting courses).


The required curriculum for completion of the program consists of a total of 38 credits: 12 credit hours from the Bioinformatics Core Courses; 12 credit hours of Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics Core Courses; 6 credit hours of Elective Courses from Bioinformatics, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, and other appropriate disciplines; 2 credit hours of Seminar in Bioinformatics; and, 6 credit hours of Thesis Research in Bioinformatics. The cross-disciplinary nature of the curriculum offers great flexibility based on the student's personal scientific interests and background, through the broad range of course offerings available.


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Morgan State University proposes the Hybrid Professional Master of Science in Data Science Program to provide comprehensive graduate education for students with wide-range undergraduate backgrounds from computer science, mathematics, and natural sciences to business, management and engineering who are interested in data science. The proposed program is designed for students preparing to enter the job data science market or seeking advancement in their profession. It targets students with critical thinking, computer, mathematical, scientific, computational, business, management, engineering, technology, military, and/or security skills interested in analysis, interpretation, simulation, and visualization of complex, high-volume, high-dimensional, and structured / unstructured data from varying sources, who want to develop practical skills in data science, and who fit Morgan State University's vision of "Growing the Future, Leading the World".