Dr. Louise Hellwig and Dr. Yousef Hijji are awarded an ACS Project SEED fellowship for a high school student (Ms. Corshai Williams of Western High School) to carry out organic research in Hijji Research Group during Summer 2013.

Dr. Kadir Aslan and Aslan Research Group is awarded a Phase 1 ($100,000) Maryland Innovation Initiative (TEDCO) to develop new crystallization platforms for commercialization. 

Congratulations to Dr. Kadir Aslan and Aslan Research Group for publishing their 100th paper! 

Dr. Kadir Aslan is promoted to Professor (August 8, 2012).

Dr. Louise Hellwig and Dr. Kadir Aslan are awarded an ACS Project SEED fellowships for two high school students carry out biomedical research in Aslan Research Group during Summer 2012.

Morgan files provisional patent for Dr. Kadir Aslan's new crystallization technology "Aslan, K., "Metal-Assisted and Microwave-Accelerated Evaporative Crystallization", US Provisional Patent Application No. 61/545,808." October 2011.
The present invention relates to methods for rapid crystallization of amino acids, drug molecules, proteins and DNA/peptides using metal and metal oxides in particulate and thin film forms in combination with microwave heating (e.g., 0.3 to 30 GHz) using, e.g., a microwave power range of 1 W-30000 W. In particular, the present invention is directed to a platform technology, called metal-assisted and microwave-assisted evaporative crystallization (MA-MAEC), based on the combined use of (A) at least one metal or metal oxide in particulate or thin film form and (B) microwave heating for selective and rapid crystallization of small molecules. The MA-MAEC technique has the potential to selectively grow the desired polymorphs of small molecules "on-demand" in a fraction of the time as compared to the conventional evaporative crystallization.
Morgan is looking for partner(s) to further develop and/or to licence the MA-MAEC technology. Please contact Dr. Kadir Aslan at Kadir.Aslan@Morgan.edu for details.

Morgan State's Chemistry Club wins Outstanding National Award
Every year the American Chemical Society rates a certain number of university Chemistry Clubs as Outstanding, Commendable, or Honorable Mention.  For the 2010-2011 school year Morgan's Chem Club received an Outstanding Award based on such activities as promoting science in the community, attending scientific meetings, service to the Chemistry Department and the University, speakers, and field trips. 
Chem Club members spent 42 person/hours leading students at Northwood Elementary School in fun chemistry experiments.  They also hosted 100 of Northwood's fifth graders on a visit to Morgan's Chemistry Department to tour research labs, look into microscopes, watch demonstrations, and perform a short experiment.   Club members attended six chemistry meetings out of state and six local chemistry meetings.  The Club assisted with High School Shadow Day and helped clean up a lab.  The Club brought in nine speakers to speak at club meetings about different careers based on chemistry.   The Club celebrated National Chemistry Week in October by having a contest to see who could name the most movies with an element in the title, for example, "Iron Man".  The winner listed over 150 movies and won a $50 gift card to AMC theaters.

Dr. Kadir Aslan gave an invited talk at Shanghai Jiao Tong University entitled "Ultra fast and sensitive clinical immunoassays", August 24, 2011. 

Dr. Kadir Aslan earns tenure as Associate Professor (August 10, 2011).

Department of Chemistry receives 5-year approval for its undergraduate program from American Chemical Society. 
The Committee for Professional Training commended the Department of Chemistry for the strong emphasis on undergraduate research and new laboratory facilities. In addition, the Department of Chemistry was also praised for efforts to develop new degree tracks in forensic chemistry and chemical biology and attention to safety training throughout the curriculum.

Department of Chemistry establishes webpage for Alumni.
Chemistry Alumni: Please send your full name, graduation year, degree and picture (optional) to Dr. Hellwig  louise.hellwig@morgan.edu.

Dr. Angela Winstead wins the 2011 Henry C. McBay Outstanding Teacher Award (2011).
This Award granted for demonstrating outstanding contribution to education and the mentoring of young scientists. NOBCChE recognizes black scientists, engineers, and professors who have made significant contributions to science and/or engineering research and teaching with awards for deserving candidates.

Dr. Angela Winstead and Dr. Richard Williams are awarded a 3-year, $520,497 research grant from DoD entitled "Development of a More Selective and Sensitive Method for Detecting Pathogen" (2011).