Complimentary Studies Requirements

Students in the School of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences must complete one of the following complimentary studies course options in addition to the major and General Education requirements.


Option 1: One of the following three pairs of courses

·         PHIL300 and PHIL406  Ethics

·         PHIL304  and PHIL498  Logic

·         BAUD200 and BAUD351 Business and Finance


Option 2: One of the following three pairs of courses

·         GENL397 and GENL497 Fine Arts

·         GENL398 and GENL498 Literature

·         GENL399 and GENL499 Great Issues


Option 3: Any two of the following courses

·         MATH399 Mathematics in African Culture

·         PHYS311 Acoustics and You

·         PHYS309 History and Philosophy of Science

·         PHYS310 Astronomy and Space Science


Option 4: Foreign Language

·         Students must complete 6 credits of the same foreign language


Option 5: Complement to the Major

·         A six-credit complement to the major consisting of two (2) three-credit courses in the same discipline from the College of Liberal Arts at the 300 or 400 level. ENGL 350 THEWRITING PRACTICUM cannot be used to satisfy this requirement.