Accelerated B.S./M.S. in Chemistry

This accelerated curriculum is designed for highly motivated students with a GPA of 3.0 or above who wish to obtain both an ACS approved B.S. in Chemistry and a Master’s of Science in Science-Chemistry degree. The student must complete all requirements for each degree separately- no credits for either program can be applied to the other.


A student must complete all requirements for the B.S. in Chemistry-Professional Track before entering the graduate program. According to Morgan policy, students in good standing can take up to six credits of graduate courses in the senior year, which can be used towards satisfying graduate school requirements. The graduate credits earned as an undergraduate cannot be applied toward the B.S. degree-they will be applied toward the pursuant Master’s degree.


Upon completion of the undergraduate degree, students will enroll in the Master’s of Science program and complete the remainder of the 33 credits of coursework and research required for this degree. These credits will be obtained during the summer, fall and spring semesters of the ensuing year.


A major component of this course of study is that students begin research on the proposed Master’s thesis area while they are still undergraduates. Ideally they would begin laboratory work as a sophomore, but no later than their junior year.



Complete information about the Master’s program can be found in the Chemistry Graduate Handbook.