Chem Club Activities

Chem Club Activities Fall Semester 2010

Chemistry Club had four General Meetings:

At the first meeting we went outdoors to set off Mentos-in-Coke fountains, then decorated t-shirts by chromatography with markers and rubbing alcohol. The other three meetings featured speakers. Capt. Banks talked about how to get scholarships for medical school through the Army. Representatives of four Public Health Schools (Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Johns Hopkins) spoke about careers in Public Health and how to apply to their schools. Dr. Zollicoffer, a Baltimore pediatrician, spoke about his practice.

Mentos Fountain

 Melissa and Tsehai

In September Chem Club had a table at Morgan’s Club Fair; our members spoke with students and invited them to Chem Club activities.

In October we had a table in the lobby of the Science Complex for National Chemistry Week. We had some some demos to attract attention and again invited students to Chem Club Activities.

Since this year’s National Chemistry Week theme was “Chemistry in the Movies” we had a contest to see who could come up with the longest list of movie titles involving an element from the periodic table. The winner got a $50 AMC gift card.

Some of us attended two meetings of the local section of the American Chemical Society, one at UMBC and one at Stevenson University. The speaker at the first meeting discussed his AIDS research; the speaker at the second meeting talked about Green Chemistry.

Two of our students with Dr. Summers, the speaker at UMBC

(Left to Right) Dr. Kennedy, Charlee McLean, Dr. Hellwig, Brittany Fisher, Brent Powell at meeting at Stevenson U.

We served the Chemistry Department by helping to clean up one of the labs. We worked for two hours cleaning balances and work areas and sorting equipment.

At the end of the semester we had a Holiday Luncheon for faculty and students and played a sort of Chemical Charades.