Alvin   Kennedy

Interim Dean and Professor



B.Sc. in Chemistry - Grambling State University, 1978

Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry - University of California at Berkeley, 1985


Microwave systems, Biosensors, Thermodynamics of multi-phase systems, Polymers.



NSF-Research Infrastructure for Science and Engineering Grant "Development of Biological and Chemical Sensors for Bioenvironmental Research ", $1,000,000, Oct. 1 2006.

DOE "Development of Fluorescent Microsensors to Determine the Activity of Intra-cellular Proteins", $800,000, August 16, 2006.

NSF - HBCU Capacity Building Grant, "Infrastructure Building to Develop a Center for Biological and Chemical Sensors Research", $899,765, Oct. 1, 2002.

NASA/MSU Infrastructure grant, "Microgravity Chemical and Biological Sensors Center", $350,000, August. 28, 2001.

NASA - Faculty Award for Research, "Polymerization of Advanced Thermosets in Microgravity Develop Ultra Low Poss Polymers" , $199,891, August 1, 2001.

NASA/MSU Mini-equipment grant, "Microgravity Chemical and Biological Sensors Center", $57,000, May 2001.


2008 National Organization of Black Chemist and Chemical Engineers

Henry McBay Outstanding Teacher of the Year

2008 Morgan State University Sponsored Programs

Platinum Award for Surpassing $1,000,000 in Funding

1998 NASA/ASEE Research Fellow Marshal Space Flight Center

1997 NASA/ASEE Research Fellow Marshal Space Flight Center

2001 Who's Who Among America's Teachers

1995 Who's Who Among America's Teachers

1994 Who's Who Among America's Teachers

1992 Outstanding Paper Award, The 7th Annual International Microelectronics Conference

1985 AT&T Bell Laboratories Corporate Research Fellow



2006 - Director, Morgan State University NSF HBCU-UP Undergraduate Research Development Program

2002 Director , Math in Science Academic Summer Enrichment Program, June 12-July31


2007 NSF HBCU-UP Mathematics Advisory Board Member

2007 Howard University, Center for Nanotechnology External Advisory Committee

2007 New Mexico State University, Center for Bio-Informatics External Advisory Committee

2006 MARC Advisory Council

2006 MBRS\RISE Advisory Council


11/2004 NSF-RISE

11/2005/06 NSF-REU

11/2002 Chemical Instrumentation,

8/ 2002 Math & Science Partnership

7/2002 Graduate Teaching Fellows in K-12 Education


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1. U.S. Patent No. 5,730,922; Babb; David A.; Richey; W. Frank ; Clement; Katherine; Peterson; Edward R.; Kennedy; Alvin P.; Jezic; Zdravko; Bratton; Larry D.; Lan; Eckel ;Perettie; Donald J.; "Resin transfer molding process for composites" Mar. 24, 1998.

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Sixteen Internal Dow Chemical Publications.

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