Requirement for BSc in Biology



Required Courses fulfilling General Education Requirements


Course                           Description         Credits

BIOL 105 or 111      Introductory Biology I                      4


CHEM 105 or 111    General Chemistry                            4


MATH 113     Introduction to Mathematical                     4

      or Higher                     Analysis I or Higher**




Additional Required Courses for The Major in Biology


Course                 Description                              Credits

BIOL 106 or 112         Introductory Biology II                 4

BIOL 204                    Developmental Biology                    4

BIOL 205                    Ecology and Adaptation                   4

BIOL 303                    Genetics                                             4

BIOL 310                    Cell and Molecular Biology              4

BIOL 453                    Scientific Communication                2

BIOL 4XX                 Biology Electives 400 > *                  8

Free Electives                                                                         8

 CHEM 106 or 112      General Chemistry                          4

                        and Qualitative Analysis

CHEM 203/203L       Organic Chemistry I                       5

or 205/205L


CHEM 204/204L       Organic Chemistry II                       5

or 206/206L


MATH 114                 Introduction to Mathematical          4

or Higher                    Analysis II or Higher


PHYS 203 or 205       General Physics I                           4/5

                        or University Physics I**


PHYS 204 or 206       General Physics II                          4/5

                        or University   Physics II**


Foreign Lang. 203      French, Spanish,  or German             3

Foreign Lang. 204      French, Spanish, or German              3


COSC 110                  Introduction to Computing                   3

(or higher)


*Exclusive of BIOL 450-451.

** MATH 241 and 242 are prerequisites for PHYS 205 and 206.


All Biology majors must also complete a paired course offering from Complementary Studies Options listed on pages 3-4 of the School of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences catalog found here:


All Biology course descriptions can also be found on pages 8-10  in the SCMNS catalog.


All Biology majors must also complete all courses to fulfill all components of the General Education Requirements for the University (beginning on page 38 of the pdf) here: