Gamma Iota Sigma Alpha Xi Executive Board


Brene Carrington

"As a junior accounting major, a student of the business school, and having prior experience within several organizations, I feel that I am the best candidate for the position of president. I readily accept hard work, challenges, and responsibilities, being driven to do my best at what I do. Past professors, employers, church members, alumni of MSU, etc. have expressed that I exemplify all the leadership qualities of a young professional. I am a strategic thinker, committed, open minded, and I have a desire to go the extra mile. Having a conversation with Noelle Codispoti, a Vice President on the Executive Board of GIS, she told me that the president should "take on the position in order to serve all of those around them," and that has been my motivation since I decided to run. I really want to see our organization and all its members grow and succeed and I will contribute all I can to make sure this happens. I have a lot of ideas for fundraising, campus events, and organizational activities that would benefit us all."



Gilna Samuel

"I am mathematics major with an actuarial science concentration. I have been an active member of the Morgan State math community and I believe that my organizational and leadership skills that I have acquired can be an effective Vice President."




David Hadley

"I have experience as the Treasure with a business group, which I was a member for 2 years. I have also worked closely with Treasurers of clubs that I am currently a part of, helping coordinate successful activities. I believe these experiences will allow me to maintain a very high standard within the office of Treasurer."



Tiara Colbert

"Hello All.  My name is Tiara Colbert.  I'm a sophomore majoring in Mathematics with a concentration in Actuarial Science. As the Secretary, I am committed to doing my best to help the GIS chapter at Morgan State create a strong foundation for the upcoming semesters.  Being organized, a keen listener and a problem solver are some of my strongest personality traits.  As secretary, I will be able to use these traits in an effort to have our chapter of the GIS well-established for incoming students at MSU."



DeAundrai Mullen

"I am the best candidate for the public relations position for three main reasons. I possess great communication skills, I am objective, and I multi-task well. These are the reasons why I am the best fit for the public relation position."