Dixon Science Research Center

Welcome to Dixon Research Center! 


The Richard N. Dixon Science Research Center opened on October 17, 2003.  uted into three different sections of computer controlled, climactic zones:

 It consists of a three-story masonry and glass facility that houses state-of-the-art research laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Biochemistry.  

It has specialized laboratories for

  • biotechnology
  • immunology
  • neuroscience
  • histology
  • toxicology
  • physiology 


The Dixon Science Research Center encompasses a state-of-the-art teaching/research greenhouse, which is distrib

  • Tropical Plants
  • Temperate Plants,
  • Passage area

 The research currently being performed includes:

  • Micro-propagation of medicinal plants.
  • Bioremediation chemicals using Plant-Microbial Interactions.   

Core Facilities

The four Core Laboratories in the Dixon Research Center each consist of state-of-the-art equipment, a core facility director and a core facility technician. These laboratories are as follows:

  • The Molecular and Cellular Biology Core Laboratory
  • The Histochemistry/Cytology Core Laboratory
  • The Proteomics/Chemical Biology Core Laboratory  
  • Bioinformatics Core Laboratory