Master of Public Health

The Masters of Public Health (MPH) generalist program prepares students to be public health professionals who draw on the knowledge and skills from a variety of disciplines to define and assess urban public health problems. Morgan State University Public Health graduates will have a foundation in public health that enables them to be advocates, researchers, and policy developers focusing on urban public health problems.

For an overview of the MPH Program and General Requirements for the MPH Degree, review the document below.

MPH Program Overview and General Requirements

Masters in Public Health Curriculum

Fall (Year 1)
PUBH 501 Statistical Methods in Public Health I 4
PUBH 502 Social and Behavioral Health Sciences 4
PUBH 504 Public Health and Health Disparities 3
PUBH 512 Biological Basis of Public Health 1
Oral review by faculty committee to document readiness for progression and and internship in the program.
Spring (Year1)
PUBH 500 Epidemiological Methods in Public Health I 4
PUBH 503 Policy and Health Services Planning and Management I 4
PUBH 506 Environmental Health Sciences 4
Core Competency Examination
Summer (Year 1)
PUBH 517 MPH Internship I 1
Fall (Year 2)
PUBH 518 MPH Internship II 3
PUBH 603 Public Health Community Needs Solutions 3
PUBH 610 Public Health Research Methods and Systems Thinking 3
Elective Course 3
Spring (Year 2)
Elective Course 3
Elective Course 3
PUBH 607 Integrating Experience (Capstone) 3
PUBH Public Health Community Needs Solutions II 2
Total Hours 48