Course Offerings and Required Competencies

The Morgan State Public Health Program under the School of Community Health and Policy offers a variety of courses for all five core discliplines in Public Health that provide students with the required concepts and competencies for public health.  Below is a listing of every course by department.  The Concepts and Competencies matrix will be available soon. 

Detailed listing of all course offerings

Public Health Analysis

PUBH 500 Epidemiology I  3 credits
PUBH 501 Biostatistics I   4 credits
PUBH 512 Biological Basis of Public Health  2 credists
PUBH 601 Epidemiology II  3 credits
PUBH 603 Demographic Methods and Community Needs Assessment 3 credits
PUBH 604 Research Methods I  3 credits
PUBH 609 Biostatistics II  3 credits
PUBH 610 Introduction to Public Health Research  2 credits 
PUBH 617 Application of Statistical Packages in Public Health  3 credits
PUBH 708 Research Methods II  3credits
PUBH 709 Biostatistics III  4 credits
PUBH 713 Community and Social Epidemiology  3 Credits
PUBH 718 Maternal, Child, and Family Health Epidemiology  3 Credits
PUBH 720 Qualitative Research in Public Health  3 Credits
PUBH 809 Biostatistics Questionnaire Design and Survey Sampling  4 credits
PUBH 729 Design and Application of Case-Control Studies  3 Credits
PUBH 723 Design and Application of Cohort Studies  4 credits
PUBH 611 Disease Specific Analysis and Evaluation  3 Credits
PUBH 732 Mental Health Research  3 Credits
PUBH 725 Epidemiology of Mental Health  3 credits
PUBH 727 The Epidemiology of Drug Use and Addiction  3 Credits
PUBH xxx Substance Abuse Research Methods  4 credits
PUBH 730 Community Health Education and Research  4 credits
PUBH 738 Nutrition Research  4 credits
PUBH 736 MCH Research  3 Credits

Department of Health Policy and Management

Health Policy Courses

PUBH                  503                  Policy and Health Services Planning and Management

PUBH                  610                  Public Health Research Methods and Systems Thinking

PUBH                  712                  Public Health and Law

PUBH                  742                  Health Services Planning and Evaluation

PUBH                  805                  Advanced Health Policy and Management

PHHP                  705                  Strategic Leadership in Health Policy

PHHP                  707                  Health Economics


Environmental Health Courses

PUBH                   506                  Environmental Health Sciences

PUBH                  808                  Advanced Environmental Health

PUBH                   604                  Policy Implications of Environmental Justice

PHEO                  602                  Health and Safety Hazards of the Workplace

PHEO                  603                  Environmental and Occupational Assessment 


Department of Behavioral Health Sciences

PUBH 502 Behavioral Science of Public Health  3 Credits
PUBH 510 Principles, Theories and Practice of Community Health Education  3 Credits
PUBH 608 Substance Abuse in Minority Populations  3 Credits
PUBH 613 Public Health Nutrition and Family Health  3 Credits
PUBH 615 Public Health Seminar  3 Credits
PUBH 618 Community Outreach: Public Health Issues and Principles  3 Credits
PUBH 710 Strategies for Health Promotion, Planning, and Program Development
PUBH 711 Public Health Principles of Social Marketing  3 Credits
PUBH 719 Critical Public Health Issues on Minority Drug Use  3 Credits
PUBH 731 Best Practices of Health Communications  3 Credits
PUBH 621 Community Health Planning and Evaluation  3 Credits
PUBH 733 MCH Program Performance and Evaluation  2 credits
PUBH 612 Substance Use and Co-Morbid Mental Health Disorders  2 credits
PUBH 735 Federal Nutrition Program Performance Evaluation  3 Credits

Special Studies Courses

PUBH 714 Special Studies  3 Credits
PUBH 715 Research Seminar and Public Health  3 Credits
PUBH 999 Research  3 Credits

Internship Practice Courses

PUBH 551 Application of PH Principles (Internship I)  2 credits
PUBH 651 Practicum Experience in the Field (Internship II)  4 credits
PUBH 751 Practicum Experience Synthesis (Internship III)  3 Credits

Research Required Courses

PUBH 607 Integrating Experience  3-6 credits
PUBH 797 Thesis Guidance  2 credits
PUBH 798 Thesis Seminar  3 Credits
PUBH 997 Dissertation Guidance  3 Credits
PUBH 998 Dissertation Seminar  6 credits