Concentration in Social and Behavioral Sciences

Incoming MPH and DrPH students will be able to choose from a Social and Behavioral Health Sciences concentration or choose a general track where the student and his/her advisor will cooperatively select three (3) elective courses from each department in a formal documented meeting prior to registering for second year  courses.  View the SCHP Comprehensive Student Handbook for more details.

Summary for MPH Coursework:

Program Core Courses    24 Credits

Fundamental Courses   8 Credits

Concentration Courses  9 Credits

Internship Practice Experience    7 Credits

Total Credits for the Master of Public Health (MPH) Degree         48 minimum credit hours

Summary for DrPH Coursework:

Program Core Courses     24 Credits

Concentration/Elective Courses     12 Credits

Required DrPH Internship    9 Credits

Required Dissertation Seminar    6 Credits

Required Dissertation Guidance    6 or more Credits

 Total Credits for Doctor of Public Health      *84 minimum Credit Hours

*For students with a MPH degree.  Students without an MPH degree must take a minimum of 90 credits to fullfill DrPH degree requirements