Kellogg Health Scholars Program

Welcome to the Kellogg Health Scholars Program webpage. The Kellogg Health Scholars Program under Morgan State Public Health Program Department of Behavioral Health Sciences encourages individuals interested in health disparities to turn their intellectual energies early in their careers to:

  • research questions that relate to the understanding of health disparities by race/ ethnicity, gender and income/ socioeconomic status;
  • study mechanisms and pathways by which structural social, economic, political environmental and educational inequalities, institutional racism and discrimination affect health;
  • develop private sector and public policy frameworks and programs to eliminate health disparities.
Kim Sydnor, PhD

Kim Dobson Syndor, PhD is the Director for the Kellogg Health Scholars Program at Morgan State University. Dr. Syndor also serves as the Interim Dean of the School of Community Health and Policy; Chair for the Department of Behavioral Health Sciences and is an Associate Professor for the Public Health Program.

About the W.K. Kellogg Health Scholars Program

The W. K. Kellogg Foundation awarded the Center for the Advancement of Health grant to establish and coordinate a program to train scholars in health disparities research and health policy for one year at one of five institutions: the Harvard Center for Society and Health; Morgan State University Center for Urban Health Research; the University of Michigan Institute for social Research; the University of California, San Francisco Center on Social Disparities in Health; and the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health Department of Epidemiology.

W.K. Kellogg National Health Scholars Program website

Former Health Scholars

Dr. Caree Jackson works with the Head Start Healthy Families Program (HSHF) which will be designed to evaluate the effectiveness of a culturally appropriate nutrition and physical activity intervention to: 1) educate minority Head Start children, parents, and staff members about proper nutrition and physical activity choices, 2) influence participant behavior, and 3) function as a sustainable, user-friendly program for Head Start Centers. Her role is to use a CBPR model approach, to lead and assist in the development, implementation, and evaluation of our intervention. During program development process, through focus groups and the formation of a wellness advisory team, she will work to create collaborative, equitable partnerships in all phases of the research. After delivering program results to UBHS, she will work in partnership to disseminate program results to community members and stakeholders. She will also work to create a project that is sustainable after the program is created and tested.

Dr. Taqi Tirmazi is collaborating on research activities with the B-More initiative, a community-based participatory research (CBPR) project aimed to examine the contextual factors associated with the preconception and inter-conception health of adolescents age 16 - 24 residing in the Druid Heights, Upton, and Reservoir Hill communities in Baltimore, Maryland. This is a mixed methods study which will utilize a self-administered survey during the quantitative phase, followed by focus groups and in-depth interviews during the qualitative phase.

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