Dr. Farin Kamangar

Farin Kamangar, MD, PhD, MPH, MHS - Chair and Professor
          Office: (443)885-4788, Room 207

Dr. Kamangar is trained in medicine, epidemiology, biostatistics, and public health and is the primary epidemiology instructor in the department. His main area of research is cancer epidemiology.

Mian Bazle Hossain, PhD - Associate Professor
          Office: (443)885-4132, Room 219 

Dr. Hossain has a PhD in Biostatistics and is the primary biostatistics instructor in the department. His areas of research include maternal and child health and HIV/AIDS.

Fernando Wagner, ScD - Professor
          Office: (443)885-4518, Room 103

Dr. Wagner's training and research interest is in the epidemiology of substance abuse. He teaches research methods, and in addition to his role in the Department, is the Director of Prevention Sciences Research Center, Morgan State University.