Below are the course offerings under the Department of Public Health Analysis.

PUBH 503 Health Services Policy and Planning  3 Credits
PUBH 504 Introduction to Public Health and Public Health Practice  3 Credits
PUBH 506 Environmental Health Sciences  3 Credits
PUBH 605 Policy, Advocacy, and Ethics  3 Credits
PUBH 712 Health Policy, Politics, and Law  3 Credits
PUBH 716 Introduction to Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Public Health  3 Credits
PUBH 717 Bioterriosm as a Public Health Problem  3 Credits
PUBH 803 MCH Politics and Policy  2 credits
PUBH 802 Policy Analysis for the Elimination of Health Disparities  4 credits
PUBH 722 Conceptual Frameworks for Policy Development  3 Credits
PUBH 728 Understanding Effective Communication in Health Systems  3 Credits
PUBH 726 Leadership for Change  2 credits
PUBH 804 Managing Health Services Organization  3 Credits
PUBH 724 Human Capital Development in the Public Health Force  2 credits
PUBH xxx Special Topics in Policy and Administration  2 credits
PUBH 737 Emerging Public Health Nutrition Politics  3 Credits
PUBH 739 Ethics in Public Health Research and Practice  4 credits
PUBH 707 Prevalent Ethical Issues in Public Health  3 Credits
PUBH 807 Ethical Practice: Questions and Application  2 credits
PUBH xxx Policy Implications of Environmental Justice  3 Credits