A Welcome Message from the Dean

Kim Sydnor, PhD

The world of public health is both fascinating and valuable. Americans born today can expect to live 30 years longer than their ancestors born in 1900 primarily because of public health. Public health is the key to the prevention of unnecessary deaths and disabilities. The continuing success of public health will be dependent upon a new cadre of professionals since the turnover in the workforce will increase in this decade. Public health will also require increased resources in order to improve the utility of preventive health strategies.  Improving the health of the poor, the underserved, and people of color must remain the highest priority for public health for the coming decades if we are to assure the best health for the population as a whole.

We are in the process of building a faculty body with a variety of skills, experiences, and perspectives enabling the school and its students to have an immediate positive impact in Baltimore and Maryland and a long term impact on the health of underserved population nationwide. Our focus is to train highly qualified professionals in promoting the health of poor, urban, and underserved communities. Our graduates will bring their experience and knowledge to the development of preventive health policies and strategies and implementation of programs which will succeed in these communities. Prospective students, faculty and supporters are encouraged to contact us and visit. The reward for joining this effort to improve the health of the least healthy will be unique and enriching.

Kim Dobson Sydnor, PhD
Dean, School of Community Health and Policy