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Welcome to the Nursing Student Success Portal


To support Morgan State University undergraduate nursing students' development and transitioning to the professional nursing practice. This will be accomplished by developing an interactive nursing student website that provides opportunities for learning and self-development.


Every undergraduate nursing student will matriculate successfully and graduate prepared to enter the professional nursing practice.


MSU BSN students


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Academic Resource Tools

The Nursing Student Success Web Links will give students access to academic and professional resources that will foster undergraduate nursing student success.


Test Taking Strategies

Test-taking skills are those skills not connected to the knowledge of the subject matter, but include the individual's attitude and approach towards taking a test. The acquisition of new knowledge requires test taking. There are two main factors that contribute to successful test scores: preparation and test-taking strategies.


NCLEX preparation

nclex preparation for BSN students


The Morgan State University Nursing Alumni Association

Information on the Morgan State University Nursing Alumni Association


Nursing Leadership and development

webpage that will help the BSN students hone their leadership skills


Time Management

Our Nursing Student Success (NSS) portal will give specific suggestions for managing one’s time effectively. These techniques have been selected form various online websites, including results of evidence-based research publicized in online health journals.