Nursing Leadership and development

leadership and develiopment

You will find many opportunites for growth as you advance in your nursing career.  As your career develops, you will need a knowlegde base of the different leadership styles. In this section, you will find information about leadership theories, leadership styles, development of leaders' skills, and the sources of nursing leadership.  This section will also provide you with several links to various nursing leadership organizations which you may be interested in joining for future career development.                        

Theories of Leadership and Management

Motivational Theories

Based on Maslow's hierarchy of needs, managers should recognize the motivations of each his employees and he should be aware that each employee is motivated by different things at different times of their lives.                                                     

Interactive Theories

Presents the Japanese-style management, Theory Z is an expansion of McGregor's theory Y that supports the democratic style of leadership. The attribute to Theory Z include consensus decision-making, fitting employees the job, job security, slower promotions, examining the long-term consequences of the decision-making, quality circles and holistic concern for workers.                                              

Transformational leadership Theory

A transformational leader is committed, has a visions and able to empower others with this vision. A transactional leader is concerned with the day-to-day operations and more focused on the management tasks.

Leadership Styles


Maintains less control

Motivates by economic and ego awards

 Directs others through suggestions and guidance

 Communicate flows from up and down

Decision-making involves others

 Emphasis is on "we" rather than "I" or "You"

 Criticism is constructive


 Permissive with little or no control

 Motivates by support when requested by the group or individual

Provides little or no direction

 Communication is between members of group, upward and downward

Decision-making is dispersed throughout the group

Emphasis is on the groupo

Criticism is not given


 Characterized by a strong control over the work group

 Motivates others by coercion

 Directs others with commands

 Communication flows downward

 Decision-making does not involve others

 Emphasis is on difference in status (I and You)

 Criticism is punitive

 Sources for development of Leaders' Skills

conflict management

leadership skills and emotional intelligence

Professional Nursing Organizations


American Nurses Association

The National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission

American Public Health Association

Maryland Nurses Association

The National League for Nursing

Sigma Theta Tau International

Maryland Association of Nursing Students

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing

Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education

American Associations of College of Nurses

National Institute of Nursing Research

Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools

American Nurses Credentialing Center

The American Association of Neuroscience Nurses

U. S. Public Health Service Nursing

National Association of Directors of Nursing (NADONA)

Maryland†Association of Nurse Anesthetists

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing

National Black Nurses Association

The American Association of Nurse Anesthetists

Canadian Nurse Association

National Student Nurses Association

American Assembly for Men in Nursing

American Association of Critical Care Nurses

Alliance of Nurses for Healthy Environments

Maryland Nurses Association

The American Nurses Association

The American Academy of Nursing




Journals for Nursing Leadership Development

You may find free online articles:

    Journal of Nursing Management

    Canadian Journal of Nursing Leadership

    Nursing Economic$, Nursing Management

You have to register in the following journal websites: 

Nurse Education Today

Health Care Manager

Home Healthcare Management & Practice

Nursing Leadership Forum

Policy, Politics & Nursing Practice

Reflections on Nursing Leadership

You may need to purchase articles from the following journals:

    Journal Nurse Care Quality

    JONA's Healthcare Law, Ethics & Regulation

    Journal of Excellence in Nursing Leadership

    Journal of Nursing Administration

    Journal of Public Health, Management & Practice

    Nursing Administration Quarterly