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Black college-aged adults share a significantly high burden of HIV and other sexually transmitted disease (STD) rates compared to other racial groups in America. The eSHINE Study explores how students at Morgan State University feel about using electronic personal health records or PHRs in prevention conversations with their sexual partners. Certain PHR services allow personal access to your HIV/STD test records on your computers, smart-phones and tablets. There are several different PHR services available. To learn more about PHRs, check out the links at the bottom of this webpage.


Study participants receive $20.00 for completing the eSHINE Anonymous Online Survey. To register, read and sign the consent form using Adobe Reader.


This project is supported by Grant # R36HS023057 from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.



The consent form will NOT submit using your web-browser  (Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc.). MUST OPEN & SUBMIT USING ADOBE READER PROGRAM.


Carefully follow the directions below:


           Register Here For the             

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Please click the link above to register

You MUST have Adobe Reader to sign the eSHINE Study Consent Form (especially if you use a Mac). This software is free and available here if you don't already have it: Download Free Adobe Reader

The consent form can be signed in 3 simple steps.

Instructions to Sign Consent Form:
1. Download and Save this Consent Form to your computer.
2. Open with form with 'Adobe Reader' and complete required information
3. Click Submit!



Never heard of PHRs? No problem!
These video clips will help:

You may also want to explore Healthvana information. Healthvana is a free PHR app specializing in HIV/STD test results.  

eShine Anonymous Consent Form