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Dear Baccalaureate Students:


Welcome to the Morgan State University Family! As a happy and satisfied member of the Morgan nursing administration and faculty, I would like to share with you several reasons why I think you have made great decisions that will profoundly affect the quality of your life.


Your first decision was to go to college or continue your college education.  This is perhaps your most important choice because it concerns how to survive and to have a fulfilled life in our society.  Without a college education, what will you be able to do? How would you contribute to the society in which you may have been born and/or currently live? How would you earn enough money to achieve and maintain a comfortable life in the society in which you live?  Think on these questions;- and be proud that you have made a choice to receive a college education!! You will be happy that you chose Morgan, a friendly and caring place to be.


Your second decision is important because you have chosen nursing as a career at Morgan State University. Nursing at Morgan stands ready to challenge you to be all you can be.  We nurture our nursing students with love, respect and the ability to learn the baccalaureate curriculum in the most student-centered environment. The nursing faculty is highly educated, receptive and able to provide you with the highest quality of nursing education. Nursing at Morgan prepares you to meet the needs of a dynamic society that continues to evolve through advances in technology, changes in ecology, and shifts in sub-populations. To choose nursing also means that with the assistance of your faculty academic advisor, your peers and classmates, encouragement from your family, a well planned study schedule, high energy and motivation for a respectable work ethic, and special attention to your health on a daily basis, you will achieve academic excellence; and in the end you will achieve success on your licensure examination (NCLEX-RN) which distinguishes you a nursing professional.


Your third decision is important because you chose to matriculate at Morgan State University. You could not have chosen a better place to study.  Morgan is a friendly and caring place to be. The array of programs, services, and activities provided by the university will certainly present comfortable choices in support of your many academic, cultural and personal needs.  Again, welcome and congratulation.



Mamie C. Montague, Ph.D., FNP-BC, CNE, FAAN

Interim Director of Nursing Programs


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