How to Apply

Applying to Graduate School? Click here to review steps to apply to the Master of Architecture Program through the School of Graduate Studies. All prospective students must applyusing the online application.

For additional information about the application process and/or the School of Graduate Studies, please contact:

Morgan State University
310 McKeldin Center
1700 E. Cold Spring Lane
Baltimore, MD 21251
Phone: 443-885-3185
Fax: 443-885-8226


1. Portfolios are required for all applications.

2. Morgan State University offers several tracks to the Master of Architecture degree, including the 60/90 credit curriculums. The portfolio is one component used to place students in either the 60 or the 90 credit path of study.

3. College graduates without prior study in architecture are welcome and encouraged to apply to the 90 credit program, and there is no expectation of architectural designs for the portfolio.

For these students, who are not academically qualified for advanced placement, and who are not seeking advanced placement, the portfolio would include freehand sketches and examples of creative visual thinking. If you don't already have materials for a portfolio, you can make freehand sketches of doorways, windows, architectural details, and simple still lifes. Sketches should be at least one half of the portfolio. You can include your own photography, woodworking projects, sculpture, or other examples of creative visual thinking, for not more than one half of the portfolio.

4. College graduates from pre-architecture programs, including the BSAED program at Morgan State University, are welcome and encouraged to apply to the 60/90 credit programs, and their portfolio will be one component of evaluation for advanced placement.

The portfolio should include only work of the applicant. Work from architectural offices, and work done under the supervision of an architect or other employer is not allowed in the portfolio. Examples of computer-aided drafting, done for an academic class or independently, are not given any weight in the evaluation of the portfolio, and are best left out of the portfolio.

What is important for advanced placement:

  • evidence of design analysis and conceptual thinking 
  • two-dimensional and three-dimensional design fundamentals
  • examples of precedent analysis 
  • diagramming of formal (geometric) order, people circulation, basic structural systems 
  • basic understanding of site context, both natural (topographic) and built (urban) 
  • consideration of climate and solar response 
  • examples of architectural design

5. Portfolio format:

  • on paper only, no digital portfolios or CD's will be accepted 
  • 8.5" x 11" 
  • 10 to 15 sheets (10 sheets minimum - 15 sheets maximum) Images can be on both sides of a sheet, or one side only, it is your choice.

6. Notes on the evaluation:

Art projects, including freehand sketches, are evaluated for design and visual communication. Photography projects are evaluated for composition and communication.

Architectural projects are evaluated for the content listed above, in Item 4, and for the following:

  • graphic communication skill
  • analytical skill
  • formal order
  • basic design skill
  • creativity and conceptual thinking

Remember, your application is very welcome.  If you have any questions about the portfolio, please contact the Department of Architecture. Thank you for applying to Architecture at Morgan! 

Mail or Deliver Portfolio to:

Graduate Program in Architecture
Morgan State University
1700 E. Cold Spring Lane
Baltimore, MD 21251