Completed Projects


  • NTC Instructor Development Training for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's National Training Center, June 2014

              Dr. Hyeon-Shic Shin, Karen Rubinstein, Dr. Marilyn Rondeau, Dr. Niara Taru, Talcur Stubbs

               Dr. Montasir Abbas, Dr. Sahar Ghanipoor Machiani, Dr. Philip M. Garvey, Dr. Andrew Farkas

              Dr. Hyeonshic Shin, Dr. Young-Jae Lee, Seyedehsan Dadvar

              Dr. Hyeon-Shic Shin, Dr. Sanjay Bapna

              Dr. Hyeonshic Shin, Dr. Sanjay Bapna, Ramesh Buddharaju

              Dr. James G. Hunter, Dr. Dong Hee Kang, Dr. Mark Bundy

               Dr. Monsoureh Jeihanai, Dr. Lein Zhang (University of Maryland)

              Dr. Mansoureh Jeihani, Anam Ardeshiri









    • Noise Barrier Evaluation Study
      Dr. Randal Reed and Dr. Siddhartha Sen






    • A Socioeconomic, Community-Based Approach for Developing an Integrated Mass Transit System for Baltimore City
      Dr. Claudia Phillips and Dr. Hazel Ruth Edwards