The NTC's projects not only solve urban transportation problems, but also give students the opportunity to put classroom concepts into action. The projects have also led to partnerships with other universities and government organizations. The NTC continuously accepts research proposals for basic and applied research from Morgan faculty and staff. See the NTC's policy and procedures for more information.

New Projects

Subjects include electric vehicle ownership and commuting behavior, mitigating pollutants, and the freight delivery network.


Ongoing Projects

Subjects include the freight industry and freight transportation, CVI technology, and the durability of construction materials.


Completed Projects

Full reports for projects completed from 1996 to the present


2009 NTC Research Symposium

A biennial event for transportation professionals, researchers, and students


2011 NTC Maryland Transportation Symposium

The 2011 NTC Maryland Transportation Symposium examined the future of transportation funding and infrastructure in the state.