Eisenhower HBCU Fellowship

The Eisenhower HBCU Fellowship is awarded to juniors, seniors, and graduate students at HBCUs who are pursuing transportation-related degrees and plannning transportation careers. In addition to recieving a tuition scholarship and a monthly stipend, Eisenhower fellows conduct research and attend the Transportation Research Board's annual meeting.

Check back here for information about the 2015 program, which will be posted soon. Applications should be sent to Dr. Andrew Farkas, director of Morgan's National Transportation Center.

Fellowships are awarded based on

  • academic records, including class standing, GPA, and official transcripts
  • transportation work experience, if any, including employer's endorsement
  • recommendations regarding applicant qualifications

The National Eisenhower Graduate Fellowships Review Panel, composed of prominent national transportation professionals, evaluates applications. The recommendations for selection are ranked in merit order and furnished to the National Highway Institute. The director of the National Highway Institute makes final selections.

For more information

Call 703-235-0538 or visit http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/ugp/#FellowshipsDiscip.