Tuition & Fees

SCHEDULE OF TUITION AND FEES for Fall 2013-Spring 2014
-- The Tuition & Fees Schedule is per semester and subject to change --
Tuition Fees Total
Resident $2,408.00 $1,201.00 $3,609.00
Non-Resident $7,115.00 $1,201.00 $8,316.00
Resident $218.00 $75.00 $293.00
Non-Resident $560.00 $75.00 $635.00
Resident $360.00 $75.00 $435.00
Non-Resident $702.00 $75.00 $777.00
Full-Time Undergraduate (Mandatory) $212.00 (Fall 2013)   |   $213.00 (Spring 2014)
Part-Time Undergraduate (Mandatory) $212.00 (Fall 2013)   |   $213.00 (Spring 2014)
Graduate (Optional) $212.00 (Fall 2013)   |   $213.00 (Spring 2014)
On Campus* $2,930.00
Off Campus
19 Meals per week* $1,633.00
14 Meals per week* $1,508.00
10 Meals per week* $1,402.00
7 Meals per week $960.00
5 Meals per week $735.00
Any 100 Meals per semester $800.00
Any 75 Meals per semester $615.00
Any 50 Meals per semester $410.00
Any 25 Meals per semester $220.00
*Students residing in university-managed housing must subscribe to one of these meal plans; the 10 meal plan is restricted to students residing in Thurgood Marshall.

**Marble Hall Gardens Apartments, an off campus university housing option, cost $3,698.00 per semester and no meal plan is required.Note: All meal plans are available to commuter students.***Health Insurance is required for Full-Time undergraduate students, unless waiver is submitted by semester deadline to Woolford Infirmary. Health insurance is available to spouse and children upon request.  


Tuition and fees for summer school classes are the same as the rates published for regular part-time tuition and fees as stated above. A studio fee for certain courses may be assessed according to the nature of the laboratory. 

Late Registration Fee 
A late registration fee of $50.00 will be charged (beginning the first day of walk-in registration) to returning students who were registered during the previous semester and who failed to select classes and make satisfactory financial arrangements on or before the prescribed deadline.
Students are encouraged to make financial arrangements by the prescribed deadline to avoid this charge. 
Deadline payment dates are published in the course schedule booklet and are provided at the time of class selection. 

· Graduation Fee 
Students planning to graduate must pay a $75.00 graduation fee to defray a portion of the cost of graduation exercises and diploma materials. To graduate, both academic and financial requirements must be fulfilled. Fulfillment of financial requirements includes payment of all financial obligations, including a graduation fee. 

· Transcript Fee 
There is a charge of $10.00 per in-person transcript pick-up. The University will mail transcripts without a fee. To obtain a transcript, registered students' accounts must be current and former students' accounts must be clear. 
· Student Professional Liability Insurance Fee 
All students who are required to work in medical or related facilities for classes or internships will be assessed a fee for insurance coverage. The student will be required to pay this fee before placement in the facility. (This fee is not related to the Health Insurance Fee.) Please contact your instructor for further information. 

Should students lose or damage University property, they will be charged an amount sufficient to cover repairs or replacement. Any expenses incurred in an emergency by the University for students will become a charge to the student. 

All students are required to have a "Bear Necessity" Card which will be issued at registration. In addition to serving as the official University identification card, it also serves as an authorization card for meals, library services and health services; a privilege card for athletic, academic and special events and provides access to residence halls, University facilities and labs. 
When moneys are deposited into the card account, it functions as a debit card for University purchases (bookstore, convenience store, vending machines). There is no charge for issuing the initial card; however, there is a replacement fee of $25.00 for lost or stolen cards 

Parking citations vary depending upon the violation. A late fee of $20.00 will be assessed, if the fine is not paid within 30 calendar days 

A service of $25.00 is charged for a bad check. Personal checks may not be accepted after the University receives one bad check from a student 

Overdue library material fines are 25 cents per day with a maximum fine of $10.00. Overdue reserved material fines are 25 cents per hour with a maximum fine of $20.00. Charges for lost or mutilated library material include the replacement cost of the item and a processing fee of $20.00. 
Students are to pay library fines at the University Cashier's Office, then present their receipt at the Circulation Desk for clearance. Thirty (30) days after billing, a $10.00 non refundable service charge will be added to the bill.

After selecting classes, students must print the bill using WEBSIS (Morgan State University's web site). Registration is not considered complete, nor is the student considered enrolled, until payment in full or other satisfactory financial arrangements are made. Please refer to the semester's course booklet for due date. (Reminder: If selection of classes is performed during the late registration period, payment is due upon selection.)
In addition, after registration, the University will send periodic statements to the student's billing address to reflect their updated account balance. Students may not complete registration in the next semester unless payment in full or other satisfactory financial arrangements is made. 

Any outstanding balance (amount not covered by verified loans, grants and scholarships) is due prior to registration being finalized and an official schedule issued. Failure to make satisfactory financial arrangements for the balance due by the prescribed date may necessitate a cancellation of the class schedule. 
The balance due can be paid by one of the following preferred means: cash (in person only), certified check, cashier's check, money orders, VISA, MASTER CARD, DISCOVER CARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS. 
Personal checks are acceptable, but if returned for non-sufficient funds (NSF), the check amount will be charged back to the student's account with a $25.00 added penalty. 
A student's personal check may not be accepted after the University receives one "insufficient funds" check from that student. Money intended for the personal use of a student should not be included in any payment drawn in favor of Morgan State University. Payments by mail should be sent addressed to: 
Morgan State University P.O. Box 2341 Baltimore, Maryland 21203-2341

All checks and money orders should indicate the student's name, address and account number. In-person payments are made at the Cashier's window of the Bursar's Office of Montebello A-124 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:45 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

The deferred payment plan is an arrangement available through the Bursar's Office. Generally, a minimum of 80% of all charges (tuition, fees, room and board) is due to finalize registration. Only 20% may be deferred and divided into two equal installments to be paid on dates established at the beginning of the semester. 
A service charge of $25.00 is assessed each time a deferment is granted. A late fee of $20.00 is charged for each late payment. 

A delinquent University account or Federal loan will result in one or a combination of the following: 
No transcript, official recommendations or other transactions, including graduation, will be processed or forwarded for any student who fails to meet his/her commitments or who owes the University for any other reason(s). 

The University will place at the Central Collection Unit of the State of Maryland (CCU) all delinquent student accounts. 
A collection fee of 17% or greater, will be assessed on all accounts placed with the CCU.