Bb for Students

Students, Welcome to Blackboard (Bb)

Your Bb account will be created automatically after you register for courses on WebSIS.

Scroll down to find specific instructions for using Bb.  If you have any problems, you can contact our 24/7 Bb support line 884.535.7264.

Assignments - Email - Discussions - Groups

Submit Assignments


  • Send Email to your instructor or classmates

Participate in Discussions


Find your assigned group beneath the course menu.  Alternatively, find your group by clicking on the Tools/Communication menu link, then Groups.

Take a Bb Test

Navigate to the test or survey and select the title. On the next page, select Begin. Your instructor might require that you type a password to begin. If necessary, type the password and select Submit.

 Best Practices for Tests

  1. Find a Test: Your instructor will inform you where he/she has posted a test in Bb.
  2. Web Browser: Check your browser compatibility.  Make sure the browser you're using is compatible with Blackboard.
  3. Internet Connection: Use a wired internet connection (ethernet cable) to take your online tests. If your instructor uses the "Forced Completion" test option  you will not be able to leave a test and then return to it.  This means, that if you lose Wifi connection before completing your test, you can not return to the test to finish's finished.
  4. To navigate to the next or a previous question, use the arrows built into the test itself. DO NOT use your browser's "back" button to go to a previous question (this will shut down the test).
  5. If your test shuts down, contact your instructor.  Morgan's OIT will not reset or clear a test attempt for you.

Respondus Lockdown Browser & Monitor

You instructor may require you to use Respondus Lockdown Browser for your Bb exam.  Lockdown browser is a browser with limited features.  Monitor is an add-on feature of Lockdown browser; Monitor requires you to have a web cam while taking your exam.  It will record a video of you as you take the exam.  You can find Lockdown browser in the OIT computer labs on campus.  Alternatively, you can download it to your own computer.

OIT Computer Labs with Respondus Lockdown Browser

NOTE: Labs DO NOT have web cameras for use with Respondus Monitor

Banneker (All Labs) || Carnegie 359 || CASA CC120 || Holmes G14 || Jenkins (All Labs) ||Portage 216 || GSBM (120, 216, 324, 417, 425) || Calloway (312, 318)

See for more information


Check your Grades

You can see grades for all of your courses or one course at a time.

Select the arrow next to your name in the upper-right corner. In the menu, select My Grades. You can sort your grades by All Courses or Last Graded. If your work hasn't been graded, grade status icons appear. Select an item's title to view details.

To view grades within a single course, access the MyMSU Bb screen, and click on the course to open it.

  • From the course menu, click on Tools/Communication > My Grades.
  • On the My Grades page, you can view all the coursework and grades for the course you're in. If your work hasn't been graded, grade status icons appear.