Bb Content Management

This page provides instructions for modifying your course menu, adding and organizing course material, adding multi-media and working with publisher's material.

Basic Navigation:

Add Content to your Course- Basics

Edit Mode!  Turn it ON -- Edit Mode MUST be on to 

Adjust the Main Menu

Adding Basic Content

Checking your Course from the Students' POV

Copy or Move Course Material

Bb Content Editors

Add Announcements

Add an Announcement: announcements alert students to events, due dates, and information.
Add an Announcement - Video

Course Availability

Advanced Content Management

  • Adaptive Release | Adaptive Release Examples Adaptive release should be used only when you need specific items to be 'released' to particular students or groups, or released under certain situations.  Generally, do not use Adaptive Release for tets or assignments in which you have already set the date "display after" and "display until" options.

Organize Course Material

Folders: Organize your Bb Course for students by using folders, rather than giving them a long list of items to scroll down each time that they access your course materials. Folders keep content organized, compartmentalized, and easy to find.

Learning Modules: a collection of content materials (items, websites, assignments, assessments, activities) related to a specific topic/chapter in which students navigate at their own pace. For instance, a Learning Module about the solar system can include lectures, links to web resources, pictures of all the planets, and assignments. Professors can create a structured pathway for progressing through the module.

Add Videos & Multimedia 

In Bb, you have the ability to add video and multimedia resources to your courses; as introductions, examples, supplementary material, and even as graded assessments. Explore your options:

  • Mashups: add YouTube Video, Flickr images, social media links and more.
  • NBC Learn: add news segments, mini documentaries, and historical media.
  • Atomic Learning Tutorials: (login to view) assign instructional videos.
  • Panopto Video: create or upload videos for your students, add a quiz or knowledge check, and use automatic captions for greater accessibility.

Your Bb Content Collection provides an area where you can store files for all of your courses; including assessments, assignments, and instructions. The content collection is hidden from your students. Share or reuse this content whenever needed:

Publisher’s Material

Textbook publishers provide excellent content you can use to enhance your courses; from lecture presentations, to assignments, and assessments. It can all integrate seamlessly with your Bb course:


McGraw Hill (Connect)

Pearson: The Building Block


Wiley PLUS