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Panopto Video


Panopto is an interactive multimedia tool that gives you options for creating video, study aids, and  presentations. Panopto integrates seamlessly with Blackboard. Record lectures, walk-throughs, guest speakers and interviews, and add them to your Bb course or organization. Upload video files and streamin your Bb course. Plus, add captions and quizzes for a more robust and useful learner experience. Find Upcoming Panopto Workshops on the ATS Training Calendar

Get Started Using Panopto

Record & Go StudioThree Steps to Get Started: 

  1. Configure your Bb Course, 
  2. Download & Install the Recorder, and 
  3. Create a Quick Test Recording.

Panopto: Record & Go Studio

Our Record & Go Studio is a high-quality recording studio, featuring: professional quality lighting, studio-quality audio, and HD video, and presentation capture. The studio is available for Faculty and their students and staff. This studio is powered by Panopto! It makes creating top-quality multimedia productions simple and possible.

What Else Can I do with Panopto?

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