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Dear Alumni and Friends,

As you might have heard, tighter standards in the Parent PLUS Federal Loan Program, used by parents to help pay for college for their children, have caused reductions in enrollment at colleges and universities nationwide.  Even parents who previously qualified for the Parent PLUS loan program are now being denied loans.  HBCUs have been particularly hard hit because we serve a larger share of low and moderate income families who depend on federal loan programs to help pay for college. Many families of Morgan students are facing harsh economic realities and cannot go it alone.  Your urgent assistance is needed now, more than ever.  

At Morgan, we're hearing the cry campus-wide, "help me stay in school!"   Some 300 promising students are in jeopardy of having their academic schedules disrupted this fall because parent loan applications have been unexpectedly denied.  

We have increased our counseling efforts to help students manage their financial affairs in ways that are more likely to help them avoid dropping out, and we're working with the U.S. Department of Education to collectively help students with Parent PLUS loan issues.  But we need your help, too.  

Reluctant as we were to come to you, we know that you would not want to see worthy students go without the resources they need to continue their education because of a lack of resources.   

Our goal is to raise $300,000 by August 31st, and give each of the approximately 300 students who face circumstances beyond their control, a minimum $1,000 scholarship for immediate emergency assistance until changes can be made to federal student loan policies.     

Everyone deserves the chance to be educated and to give back in ways that are positive and immeasurable to the health and well-being of our families and communities.   Please visit us at and click on the "Keep the Dream Alive Emergency Aid Fund" and make an immediate donation now.  

Gifts have already started to come.  Please join me in "Keeping the Dream Alive."  Give now

Kind regards,

David Wilson
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