Job # FY15 2014-C124
Department Biology
Job Status Full-Time
FLSA Status Exempt
Hiring Salary Commensurate with Experience
Posting Date July 23, 2014
Closing Date August 1, 2014

Department:    Biology


Duties: Works in the area of immunocytochemical technique development and adaptation of the procedures for non-radioactive in situ hybridization histochemistry, using freely floating sections from experimental animals; handles and treats rats and mice; cuts and processes brain tissue, ovarian tissue and assorted other organs for proper immunocytochemical detection of molecules or mRNA within cells, using either embedded tissue or freely floating sections; directs studies toward how either the brain controls reproduction or how the permutation of the fragile X gene affects brain and ovarian function; designs, executes and analyzes experiments; schedules and organizes experiments; determines when an experiment has failed; assists with training of graduate and undergraduate students in the techniques and methods that laboratory uses and are  applied for analyzing data; contributes to  devising new techniques; collects data and  prepares  peer-reviewed papers; writes papers for publication with other laboratory members; assists in monitoring students when investigators are teaching;  manages laboratory data, e.g., catalogue of animal experimental conditions, tissue bank, antibody stocks, probes and other laboratory supplies;

Minimum Qualifications:  Bachelor’s Degree in Biology or other closely related science field. Ten (10) years of experience with immunocytochemistry in situ hybridization, research, rodent handling, surgery, involving research and training graduate and undergraduate students.

Preferred: Master’s Degree in Biology or related field with additional years of the above required experience. 

Requirements:  Knowledge of  immunocytohemical technique development and adaptation; knowledge of how the brain controls reproduction; knowledge of how premutation of the X  gene affects brain and ovarian functions; skill in laboratory procedures; ability to cut and stain tissue; ability to design and execute experiments; ability to write scientific papers; ability to train, ability to communicate effectively.

To Apply: Send letter of interest indicating Job# FY15-2014-C124 and your salary requirement, along with the MSU Employment Application to: Morgan State University, Office of Human Resources, 1700 East Cold Spring Lane, Baltimore MD 21251 or e-mail your information to jobs@morgan.edu.  EEO/AA