Congress gave birth to the Fulbright Program in 1946, under the inspiration and guidance of Senator J. William Fulbright. The primary goal of the program was and is to increase mutual understanding between Americans and other peoples of the world. The program was gradually expanded and strengthened and reached most college and university campuses (including Morgan State College) beginning in the early fifties. The Morgan program was instituted when Dr. Sandye Jean McIntyre, II (Distinguished Professor of Foreign Languages and Honorary Consul of the Republic of Senegal) was appointed campus Fulbright Program Director in 1951. Dr. McIntyre was joined in his efforts to aid student applicants in 1968, when Dr. Carleen S. Leggett (Fulbright Program Director and Past Chairperson of Foreign Languages) became Associate Director. Dr. McIntyre eventually became the longest serving (55 years) Fulbright adviser in history.  In 2012, Dr. Elizabeth S. Gunn was appointed Assistant Director.

As a result of the most recent Fulbright awards, Morgan State University students have now received 136 Fulbright-related grants. An article in the publication DIVERSE ISSUES IN HIGHER EDUCATION (26 June 2008) pointed out that Morgan State leads all other historically Black colleges and universities in the number of its students who have become Fulbrighters. Receiving a Fulbright Scholarship, one of the most prestigious academic awards in the world, is an important achievement for the individual student, and Morgan's collective record is a unique mark of distinction for the University.