University Closing

Morgan State will be closed on 3/05/15 due to impending inclement weather. Essential employees report as directed by supervisor.  Junior Writing Proficiency Exam is postponed.

Updated: 3/4/2015 8:59 PM - Inclement Weather Policy

Supervisor Forms

Supervisor Forms

•·         Supervisor's Agreement

..          Student Employment Contract

•·         Supervisor's Online Approval Procedures 

•·         Student's Confidentiality Agreement

•·         Grievance Form

•·         Job Description form- A job position description

•·         Revised Student Timesheet- Late timesheet for students' who don't submit them on-time

•·         Student Timesheet Tracker- to keep track of your students' award amount and hours.

•·         Academic Pay Schedule- Fall 2012 & Spring 2013 Pay Schedule 

•·         Summer Pay Schedule- Summer 2013 Session 1 & 2

•·         Student Evaluation Form- to evaluate students on their performance throughout the academic year