Corporate Alliance Program

A Value Driven Partnership of Business and Education

The Morgan State University Earl G. Graves School of Business and Management's Corporate Alliance Program (C.A.P.) is a collaboration of progressive educators and business leaders to provide quality programs and experiences to Morgan State University business students and faculty.

This alliance benefits the School of Business and Management (SBM), students, and C.A.P. organizations in many ways.

The School of Business and Management

SBM gains support for student internship opportunities in accounting, finance, marketing, information systems, management, and any area of business that gives students real-world experience and a competitive advantage in the job market.

SBM enhances its ability to provide professional development programs to Morgan business students. C.A.P. partners take an active role in preparing SBM students for the real world of work. Students are better prepared to add value to an organization, and perform at the highest levels of professionalism.

SBM has access to faculty research and consulting opportunities. Many faculty members are interested in summer internship opportunities to enhance their academic and real-world business experiences. Knowledge gained through internships help enhance the relevancy of business courses taught to MSU business students.

SBM has access to industry experts and speakers to be called upon as guest lecturers, and keynote speakers.

SBM enhances its image and reputation in the business community, and positions itself as a "Blue Chip" investment that offers quality business students, programs, and research.

The SBM Student

Students have access to internships, job placement and research opportunities.

Students are provided with business role models and receive professional development advice from practitioners and managers. Students learn first hand what businesses expect, and how to add value to an organization.

Students are assisted in pursuing his/her educational aspirations through the support and generosity of C.A.P. partners. Students want to work for and support organizations that have invested in their development.

Students broaden their perspective of business through exposure to successful organizations and the people who make them successful.

The C.A.P Organization:

C.A.P. partners have priority access to students, faculty, and the dean for the purpose of fulfilling the organization's employment, training and research needs. C.A.P. organizations invest time and resources in the development of SBM students, faculty and programs...they are SBM partners.

C.A.P. partners have access to research using Morgan business students and faculty. Students and faculty gain valuable experience, while C.A.P. organizations receive high quality research.

C.A.P. partners develop effective lines of communication with students, faculty and staff.

C.A.P. partners are offered effective ways in which to satisfy its commitment to higher education and community involvement.

C.A.P. partners enhance their image within the community and news of their support is highlighted in Morgan 's various newsletters. The newsletters are distributed to over 20,000 alumni, friends, and students.