Lab Policies and Procedures

Lab MM 408: Programming Languages Lab
(Java, VB, VB Script, JavaScript, ASP.Net) and Oracle 9i
Lab MM 304: Enterprise Networking Simulation Lab


The labs is for your use. Please use all equipment with care.

  • This lab contains specialized software for the use Information Systems majors.
  • Users should ONLY use their assigned user name and password to access these machines.
  • At all times, please save data to your disk to assure security of your data.
  • Secure your user name and password to prevent unauthorized use of the software/data.
  • Change password monthly. Avoid using your name, your spouse's name or friend's name or a password that can easily be guessed.
  • Do not leave terminals unattended without logging out. If a terminal is found that is not logged out you make user name and password available for unauthorized use. As a result, you are responsible for any damage and loss or data.
  • Do not engage in any activity that is an attempt to gain unauthorized access to priviledged areas such as secure networks or crack encryption code.
  • Users are prohibited from loading any system without approval from the system administrator. All unauthorized software will be deleted.
  • Users are prohibited from using computers to make illegal copies of licensed or copyrighted software. Copyrighted software must only be used in accordance with its license or purchase agreement.
  • Users are prohibited from using software that is designed to destroy data, provide unauthorized access to the computer system or disrupt computing processes to any other way. Do not use software or disks that have been infected with a viruses. Report any unusual workstaion performance to the lab assistant.
  • Users are prohibited from using these machines for transmitting fraudulent, harassing or obscene message and files. You must not send any message or e-mail by forging another identity or attempt to conceal the origin of the messgae in any other way.
  • Do not use computers to harass anyone. This includes the use of insulting, sexist, racist, obscene, or suggestive e-mail.
  • Users must not delebrately attempt to degrade or deface the computers in any way. Seek assistance to avoid damage to hardware and software.
  • All hardware is property of Morgan State University and must remain in the lab.
  • Avoid any activity around your workstation that may result in damage or disturbance.
  • No eating, drinking, smoking, fighting, or playing around in the lab.
  • Do not waste paper or workstation time or other resources. Be considerate to your fellow students when you see them waiting to use the lab.


  • Any abuse of the lab resources will be investigated and accordingly punished. You may be banned from using the lab if the abuse is extreme.
  • Any violation of resources must be reported.
  • To maintain resources, lab personel have the right to monitor the system for signs of abuse or unauthorized activity.
  • Any othe abuse not explicitly covered in this document will be treated as violation of the lab policy and violators may face disciplinary action.