Academic Advisors

Students see below a list of advisors. Look for the letter/letters corresponding to your Last Name and the corresponding advisor. For names not listed, please contact the office (McMechen RM 507).

PROFESSOR   STUDENT (Last name starting with:)
Dr. Agboh A-
Dr. S.Bapna B-C
Dr. G. Bhatt D-E
Dr. D. David F-G
Prof. S.Ejiaku H-I
Dr. S. Gibson J-K
Dr. G. Ramsey L-M
Dr. S. Patel Mc-O
Dr. A Radhakrishnan P-Q
Dr. O. Thomas R
Dr. Z. Wang S-T
Dr. X. Zu U,V,W
Dr. J. Zaveri X,Y,Z