Dennis  Agboh

Associate Professor
Information Science and Systems
Ph.D., University of Alabama in Huntsville, Alabama



Professor Dennis Agboh is an Associate Professor in the Department of Information Science and Systems. Professor Agboh received a B.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering in 1979 from Louisiana State University; a M.Sc. in Engineering Management in1980 from the University of Southwestern Louisiana; a M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics in 1983 from Southern University; and a Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering. from the University of Alabama in Huntsville in 1988. He teaches courses in Operations Management, Statistics, and Quantitative Methods and serves in various Departmental and School Committees. He has published in various national and international Journals and conference proceedings in the areas of System's Simulation and Analysis; and Information Technology Applications in Less Developed Countries in Africa.

Research Interests
His research interests are in the areas of Digital simulation, Emission Control in Transportation studies, and Information Technology Applications in Less Developed Countries. He is also interested in Operations Management Applications in the public sector.

Recent Publications
Saka, A. A., Agboh, D. K., "Assessment of Operational Benefits of Electronic Toll Collection in Baltimore Metropolitan Area," Proceedings of Transportation Research Board, (TRB), Washington D.C., 2002. (D.5)

David, Dessa., Agboh, D. K., " Individual Adoption of Instant Messaging in The WorkPlace: A Conceptual View". RBR Journal Volume VII, Number 2, 2007.

David, Dessa., Agboh, D. K., "Migrating Towards Teaching Production and Operations Management Online: A Theoretical View", Business Research Yearbook, Volume XV, 2008, Number 1. Page 263.

David, Dessa, Agboh, D. K., Radhakrishnan, Abirami, "FACTORS INFLUENCING THE ADOPTION OF TECHNOLOGIES IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES: AN EMPIRICAL STUDY", Journal of Academy of Business and Economics. 2010

Zoogah, David., Agboh, D. K., Lucas, Leyland., "DETERMINANTS OF STRATEGIC FOLLOWERSHIP: AN AFRICAN PERSPECTIVE"., Journal of International Business and Economics., Volume 10, Number 4, 2010.