Keisha WilsonKeisha Wilson
2011 Alumni
Environmental Services Manager
The University of North Carolina Hospital, Chapel Hill

I am a May 2011 graduate of the Hospitality Management program at Morgan State University. I am an Environmental Services Manager with Sodexho at The University of North Carolina Hospital in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Through the many skills obtained from my coursework at Morgan State University, I am successful in my current management role, where I am responsible for managing 35 housekeepers on the daily basis.

Terrell R. WilliamsTerrell R. Williams
Regional Cafeteria Manager
Baltimore City Schools

Obtaining my degree in Hospitality Management from Morgan State University has helped me tremendously in my career. It has led me to be the youngest Assistant General Manager of Bob Evans at the age of 23 and becoming the youngest Regional Cafeteria Manager for Baltimore City Schools at the age of 26. The knowledge that I gained during my tenure at Morgan State University has led me to start Executive Solutions, a hospitality consulting firm, where I serve as Executive President and lead consultant. I would not have been able to achieve my career goals without having my degree in Hospitality Management from Morgan State University.