The Management major will help you develop the knowledge and skills needed to administer daily operations in business, industry, or government and to provide creative leadership for enterprises in the public and private sectors. The focus of this major is on management and human resources.


Business Administration

The Business Administration major is designed for those who want to become generalists in business management. Business persons, especially small business owners and entrepreneurs, frequently "wear many hats." The Business Administration major will prepare you for life as an entrepreneur.


Ph.D. Program in Business Administration

The Ph.D. program prepares graduates for careers in research, teaching, and consulting in various functional areas of business. Graduates of the program are expected to make significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge of business practices through research and consulting, and to disseminate such knowledge through their teaching.


Hospitality Management

The curriculum emphasizes managerial leadership and is designed to develop/prepare students with theoretical and applied business and hospitality knowledge, skills, values and attributes. The program provides students with opportunities to learn and understand the theory and concepts related to the management of Hospitality Industry Operations.



Our Marketing major offers excellent preparation for careers in areas such as promotion, distribution, research, sales, and the formulation of marketing policy.


Minor in Entrepreneurship

The Business Administration Department offers minor in Entrepreneurship for students enrolled in the School of Business and Management.