Promethean Procession: A traditional ceremony at the beginning of the school year for incoming freshman. Named for Prometheus in Greek Mythology, who, according to legend, created man from clay and brought him to life by giving him the gift of fire. Prometheus thus means life giving, creative or courageously original. This ceremony has evolved into an inspiring assembly and candle light procession. During the procession, new freshmen are challenged to keep their candles lit to symbolize their ability to graduate from Morgan.

Convocations: A series of thematic assemblies that occur throughout the academic year. The Matriculation Convocation inaugurates the school year. Other convocations include Founders Day, Honors, Bill of Rights and Performing Arts Convocations. These assemblies are meant to inspire, inform, honor, and entertain the Morgan community. Convocations are held during the University Hour which is 11 A.M. on Thursdays.

Homecoming: An annual social and athletic event that usually occurs during the month of October. Festivities include a pep rally, football game, tail-gate parties, concert, reunions and parties. The event is enjoyed by current students and alumni who "come home" to celebrate Morgan. Our school mascot is the Bear.

Graduation: An annual ceremony during which students who have satisfactorily completed the degree requirements in their chosen field are awarded diplomas. This event usually takes place at the end of the spring semester in the month of May.