Parking/Motor Vehicle Regulations

The University provides parking for all University personnel (faculty, staff, and students) on a space available basis. All vehicles operated on campus must be registered and have a valid permit on display. During registration periods, students can register their vehicles after paying for the permit at the Bursar's office then obtain the permit from the Police Department Station located at the registration site. After registration, permits are available at the University Police Department in the Washington Center, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The use of campus parking facilities carries with it the obligation to observe and comply with all parking rules and regulations.

Police and Public Safety

The Morgan State University Department of Police and Public Safety is a law enforcement agency with academy-trained, sworn police officers. The department is committed to the philosophy of community policing and works diligently to develop, foster and maintain viable partnerships for the expressed purpose of improving the quality of life for our entire campus community.

University police officers are vested with all the powers, authority, and responsibilities of any police officer of the state on property owned, leased or operated by the University.

The Department of Police and Public Safety cooperates fully with local and state law enforcement agencies in cases which involve both on-campus and off-campus jurisdictions, or when the resources of another agency can be used to facilitate the resolution of an investigation or public safety issue.

Members of the University community are urged to notify the Department of Police and Public Safety immediately of any criminal activity or other public safety concern or issue. In addition, emergency (no dial) security telephones are installed at selected locations throughout the University campus grounds.

The Department of Police and Public Safety publishes news articles and news bulletins, and provides oral presentations to all segments of the campus community on a frequent basis to educate community members on police policies and procedures. Students and employees are reminded of recurring or significant crime problems on the campus and their role and responsibility in reducing their vulnerability in becoming victims.

The Department of Police and Public Safety publishes pamphlets and conducts workshops on various topics of Crime Prevention. Topics include: Police Protection and Security Services, General Crime Prevention Techniques, Campus Watch, Operation I.D., Rape and Sexual Assault, Date Rape, and Drug and Alcohol Abuse. Information on safety and security is provided to students, faculty, and staff members regularly through seminars, films, bulletins, crime alerts, posters, brochures, and university staff and student newspapers and other university periodicals.

Operations Center (24-hour operation)

Emergency Numbers: 443.885.3103, 443.885.3179

Administrative Office: 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday)

Phone: 443.885.3100, 443.885.3101


Students are encouraged to provide assistance in the maintenance of University facilities. Be alert to maintenance problems and report them immediately as follows:

  1. Residence Halls - RA, Residence Director or the Director of Housing, at 443.885.3218. .
  2. McKeldin Center - Director of the Mckeldin Center at 443.885.3120
  3. Dining Facility - Manager of Business Services at 443.885.3065

Academic Buildings, Administrative Buildings, and Grounds - Report to the Physical Plant Department on extension 3320 during normal working hours of on weekends and holidays, report via the Police Department extension 3103.

Questions? Please contact the Physical Plant at 311 Washington Service Center or call 443.885.3177