R. Gillett-KAramMessage from the Director, Dr. Rosemary Gillett-Karam
Welcome to the Online Program in Community College Doctoral Leadership (CCLDP) at Morgan State University.

Our Mission is to serve the underrepresented and underserved in community college administration and leadership, with emphases on closing the so-called pipeline gap for future senior leaders for community colleges.  In Aug, 2010, we initiated the community college doctoral program ONLINE with 3 courses: The American Community College, Leadership & Administration, and Introduction to Educational Research—these three courses begin a 63 hour, 3-year program leading to an EdD degree.

With a master's degree and a desire to earn a doctorate in community college leadership, you now have a vehicle through MSUs Community College Leadership Doctoral Program.  Applications can be submitted online at www.morgan.edu  CLICK on Academics > Online programs > CCLDP ONLINE where you will be directed to create an application which will be submitted to the graduate school, the first step in the process.

As always we are very busy modifying our program offerings and are happy to say the revamped Professional Development class offered for the first time last spring was a real eye-opener for both students and faculty. Students were, overall, well pleased with the course which led to the writing of the concept paper, as the preliminary step to taking the comps and writing the proposal. We will continue to modify this course and offer it as a 10-week summer course preceding the internship.  Hope to meet you both online and in person!                                                                                                                                                                                               

Dr. Gillett-Karam has worked in community colleges for some 30 years and has chaired close to 100 dissertations. She is committed to critical pedagogy and critical theory and believes the missions of the community college are focused on humanizing higher education. She asks that her students remember that "education is not just about the mind, but also the heart." In 2011, Dr. G-K was appointed to the Board of Trustees of Baltimore City Community College (BCCC) by the Governor of the State of Maryland and currently serves as Chair.