Community College Leadership Doctoral Leadership Fact Sheet 2010

Graduates: 78
Currently enrolled: 76

Graduation Completion Rate: 91%

Morgan State University
Howard Community College
Montgomery College
Prince Georges Community College
Frederick Community College
Laurel Center
HEAT (HECC) Center
Chesapeake and WorWic Colleges

Cohort Model: Students enroll in a cohort working together for two years of classwork, based on 3 or 4 courses per semester delivered in five-week sessions. Fall and Spring, and 2 five-week sessions in Summer (54 hours), meeting Friday evenings and all day Saturday. Their final year includes an internship and progress toward dissertation completion (9 hours). The awarded degree is an EdD.

Semester data:
First Year: Fall 3 five-wk classes; Spring 4 five-wk; Summer 2 five-wk classes
Second Year: Fall 4 classes, Spring 3 classes, Summer 2 classes
Third Year: Clinical Internship, Comprehensive Oral and Written Exams, Concept Paper, IRB, Proposal, Dissertation

  • Each semester approximately 25 sections of courses are offered.
  • Face-to-face, and hybrid course delivery will continue to be offered. The CCLDP will be delivering an online program, Fall, 2010.
  • Recruitment at MD community colleges is conducted each semester.
  • Title III is the major funder for the CCLDP.

Faculty: Since January, 2010, 3 contractual faculty have joined the staff of the CCLDP program, in addition to its Director. Until this January, there was only one full-time faculty for the program, and between 19 and 23 part-time faculty drawn mainly from Maryland’s community colleges). Two faculty members have been college presidents; they are also Earhart, Kellogg, and ACE fellows, Harvard Leadership grads, post-doc grads, named to various national associations, and are on editorial boards of journals. They have written extensively in higher and community college education, and serve on many national boards and committees.

The American Community College – EDHE 600
Leadership and Administration in the American Community College- EDHE601
Introduction to Educational Research – EDHE 604