Blood Donation Eligibility Guidelines:

¬ Must weigh at least 110 lbs or more.
¬ Must NOT have spent a cumulative time of 3+ months in the UK between 1/1/1980 and 12/31/1996
¬ Must be 12 months after traveling in an area where malaria is found and 3 yrs after living in the area.
¬ Must NOT give blood if you have AIDS, or have done something that puts you at risk for HIV infection
¬ Must wait 12 months after treatment for syphilis or gonorrhea.
¬ Must NOT donate if you have active tuberculosis or are being treated for active tuberculosis
¬ Must wait 12 months after a tattoo
¬ Can donate if you have piercings as long as the piercings instruments were sterile or were single-use equipment. WAIT 12 months if there is any question about whether instruments were sterile.

For further eligibility rules, VISIT:


The Day of Donation

  • Pre registration table- sign in and get on the mailing list
  • Registration table- Sign in and receive a packet to read. After completion of compliance with the packet, you receive a number .
  • Waiting Area- Be entertained as you wait to be called.
  • History Booth- Nurses ask a series of questions and test for Anemia and iron levels
  • Donating bed- Relax and save 4 LIVES!!! Beverages served too!! Get a cool bandage
  • Canteen- Donor gets all the food and giveaways they would like and be eligible for a big raffle drawing.
  • All this in 45 minutes to an hour to save 4 LIVES!!