Senior Activities

Senior Portraits
Senior Portraits will be taken on February 23-27, 2015, and April 20-May 15, 2015, in Room 315 of the University Student Center.  Appointments may be scheduled at

If students are unsuccessful in meeting graduation requirements for the Class of May 2015, they MUST RE-SUBMIT an application for graduation for December of 2015 according to the published deadline. This deadline applies to all students who complete requirements in the summer of  2015 or December of 2015.  THEY MUST MEET BOTH FINANCIAL AND ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS

Students who complete requirements in the summer of 2015 and December of 2015 must participate in December 2015 Commencement Exercises.  They may not participate in May 2016 Commencement Exercises.

The policy of Morgan State University is that only persons who have applied for graduation by the published deadline and have completed ALL academic and financial requirements for graduation may participate in the Commencement Exercises. There are no exceptions to this rule!  In addition, participation in the Commencement Exercises, receipt of graduation invitations, the appearance of names in the printed program, or receipt of this information packet will not be considered evidence of graduation.