Graduation Day


All graduates must wear the cap, gown, and hood prescribed by the University and pur­chased at the Morgan Bookstore. All graduates should wear dark clothing and jewelry that will not interfere with hooding. All graduates should wear proper attire. ROTC cadets who are commissioned in December will wear Dress Blues. Graduation attire should not be re­moved at any point during the Exercises, except removal of caps during invocation, the singing of anthems and the Alma Mater, and benediction.


Graduates will assemble at 8:30 a.m. in the University Student Center. They will, with the assistance of marshals, assemble by college/school:

School of Graduate Studies

College of Liberal Arts

School of Architecture and Planning

Graves School of Business and Management

School of Community Health and Policy

School of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences

School of Education and Urban Studies

School of Engineering

School of Global Journalism and Communication

School of Social Work

Students should look for the banner identifying their academic unit.


Once the students have assembled, the marshals will lead them down the procession route to Hill Field House. Upon reaching their seats, they will remain standing, facing the stage, until the Chief University Marshal turns the Exercises over to the President and the President instructs them to be seated.


The President will award degrees en masse according to degree level and academic unit. Afterwards, certified graduates will walk across the stage individually, as their names are called, to receive their diploma tubes. Graduates will present their Certification Card to the reader when they approach the top of the stage. When the reader calls their names, they will proceed across the stage rapidly, without delay, in an orderly and dignified man­ner suitable for the occasion, to receive their diploma tube from the Dean, shake the President’s hand and be photographed, and exit the opposite side of the stage. Upon re­turning to their seats, graduates must remain seated and depart together during the Recession from Hill Field House.


Graduates will be photographed individually as they walk across the stage and shake the hand of the President. Graduates will be contacted by the professional photographer to make arrangements to purchase the photographs.


In order to be considered for honors, candidates must have earned a minimum of sixty (60) semester credits at Morgan; must have a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.4; and must not have been sanctioned by the student’s Dean or by the Provost for violating the University’s Policy on Academic Dishonesty. Candidates for graduation should note that the honors announced and/or published at commencement do not include the final semester grades; therefore, the level of honor will change once the final grade audit is completed by the Registrar.


All graduates must remain until the end of the Commencement Exercises and partici­pate in the Recessional in order to have their diplomas automatically mailed to them.

At the end of Graduation Rehearsal, on the day before the Commencement Exercises, graduates will be given Verification of Participation in Commencement Cards. They should fill out those cards and bring them to the Commencement Exercises on graduation day. During the Recessional at the end of the Commencement Exercises, as they leave the arena, they will hand their completed Verification of Participation in Commencement Cards to the ushers at the exit station, thereby authorizing the University to mail their diplo­mas automatically.

Graduates who do not remain until the end of the Commencement Exercises and sub­mit their Verification of Participation in Commencement and Diploma Release Forms will contact the Office of Records and Registration at the beginning of the next semester to arrange to pick up their diplomas or have their diplomas mailed to them.


Actual diplomas will be mailed directly to students and will arrive four to six weeks after they are ordered following Commencement after final academic and financial clearance. Students must ensure that the Office of Records and Registration has the address where they want their diplomas to be mailed. Students must remain for the entire Commencement Exercises in order to submit forms that ensure the automatic mailing of their diplomas.


If students are unsuccessful in meeting graduation requirements for the Class of December 2016, they should contact the Graduation Team to request that their application be rolled forward for a future term by the published deadline. This deadline applies to all students who complete require­ments after December 2016 Commencement, in the summer of 2016, or in December of 2016. THEY MUST MEET BOTH FINANCIAL AND ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS.

Students who complete requirements after December 2016 Commencement, in the winter of 2017 must participate in May 2017 Commencement Exercises.